The halls are decked and (almost) ready for advent. I wish it wasn’t my annual tradition to be so crabby when we’re decorating the tree. Aesthetic snobbery and children hanging ornaments just don’t go together. Oh, Light that is soon appearing, change me!



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  1. I love you. I have let this go, and my tree is ugly and the kids are thrilled. Oh gosh, we always seem to have a baby (and now a dog) messing it up anyway! lol!

  2. Too funny. That is Adam every year. He’s decorating the tree while the kids are hanging their home made ornaments. I remind him each time that we ruin the experience if we get so set on the way it should look. Last year we definately had a tree decorated by little hands. It was perfect.

  3. Yes, it is perfect. I love the ornaments their little hands have made and try to remind myself to let go. I think I was a little stir-crazy after being inside most of the week. A long run in the evening light helped my crabbiness a lot.

  4. Ah, having a snow week with the kids can be bittersweet. So nice to have them home and not have a schedule. But, by the end of the week I felt like a caged animal. I hit the gym today for a run and feel a bit more “normal”.

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