Everything she said made me feel like it is completely crazy to have four.  On top of agonizing over what kind of lights to put in our bedroom and  how far we can extend the closet and how much wiggle room there is in the project with time and money, I really can’t think about what life will be like. I just don’t know. And I need to be OK with that, as hard as it is. Rest and trust and maybe some affirmation of my sanity would be nice.



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  1. Thanks, Bethany. I know it will be great. Just have my moments of omigodwhatarewedoing! It’s so hard to imagine the details of life with a baby again, even thought we eagerly wanted them.

  2. Can I come up, and dream of the possibilities with you? Four is more of everything! Fun! Art! Cuteness! Uhlerisms! It’s never-ending grace and beauty. And I love figuring out where to put it all… 🙂

  3. jmu- Totally. Some days are such a perplexing mixture of miraculous and crazy. I love how your blog weaves the red thread that connects them all. It shows us where to look so it all makes sense. Brilliant.

  4. Wendy- anytime! i can’t find any of your current contact info, though. And now that you’re not on FB I can’t seem to get a hold of you. Help.

  5. HE would not have blessed you with this addition if you could not handle it. Lean. Lean on HIM. Lean on us 🙂 Your family is amazing & I love being in relationship with it.

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