Dear Baby,

Please please please re-consider this path of forward mobility.  Think about the wear and tear you could avoid to your knees if you stay in an upright sitting position, happy to play with your toys right where I leave you. Think about the emotional stress you will save yourself by not having to move out of the present, into a wholly different room. Speaking of that, your memory seems to be an interesting  new feature to your life. Suddenly the toys that were utter fascinations months ago are now quite old hat since you remember playing with them yesterday. Looking in the mirror is no longer the mind-bending parlor game we could play to calm your fussiness. Have you considered that learning to crawl might very well lead to some nasty tumbles? Well, it could.  Ask your predecessors. And by the way I don’t sweep or mop too often, so it is entirely possible that you might be doubling as a little floor cleaner on your crawling excursions.  Who knows what manner of dust bunnies you may pick up. I don’t suppose any of this is really compelling enough to prevent you from learning how to use these limbs in a coordinated manner to get across the floor.  But can we just make a deal? Don’t go near the cat box.

yours always,



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