Summer mantra:

I say no to the soul-crushing weight of expectations I put on myself (and maybe the word does too). And I may have read on a blog or two about this mythical mother who overshadows my days. Well, she is making me bone-tired with all her DOING and SHOULDING. Trying to keep up has me divided to the core. Pinterest, you do nothing for my sense of contentment.  I say no to making more boards of adorable arts and craft projects I then think I should be making, or fabulous drink recipes I should try, inventive ways to do my hair, breathtaking home decor DIY tutorials. I say no to overscheduling us and yes to leaving time for bike rides around the block, spontaneous trips to the pool, popsicles on the lawn, and naps. I say no to the burden of epic car trips and grand vacations and yes to stay-cations and sleeping in the backyard, learning names of the stars, farmer’s markets and watercolor painting. No to an organized mudroom and yes to flip -flops strewn askew, chickens wandering about, blanket forts in the living room. Yes to baseball at the playground and hopscotch on the sidewalk. No to a training schedule but yes to running, swimming, or biking when it feels good. No to a perfect, abundant garden planted on schedule and yes to a wild patch of dirt with a few surprises yet, and the daily miracle of these ruby jewels and their holding enough sweetness for the day. And I may need to say it all again come mid-July.



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