Tap, tap, tap – is this thing on?


We are still alive and well here in ID and WA, respectively (and despite what our month+ absence might imply).  It’s just that, well, life started getting in the way of our consistency.  A wee bit of boredom seeped in, too.  We’re entering our third season (!) of documenting the quotidian beauty amidst the weeds and we’re both in the same houses in the same towns fighting the “I’ve already taken that photo” rut (we don’t travel nearly enough in this young-kids season of our lives).  For awhile it looked like we might jump ship on the project altogether, but stepping away from this space only made us realize how much a part of us it had become, how much we missed the ritual.  And of course it’s ridiculous to argue that the photos are all taken.  (Especially as ever-handy iPhones allow for the capture of even more beautiful tidbits.)

So we’re back.  And we’ve reinvigorated ourselves by re-visiting some old favorites and creating what we think is a mighty purty collage (available for purchase starting at $20) .  And we’ve pinky-promised to give it our best effort – if not every day than most days.  We might even have a few changes up our sleeve…

And while we have your attention – thank you to those of you who visit this space with us, and tell us just when we’re feeling discouraged and about to shut down shop how much you loved a certain photo, or the message of a particular post, or how checking the site is as much a part of your morning routine as your cup of coffee.  Creating art in a vacuum isn’t nearly as satisfying as creating art within a community.  Thank you for being a part of our community!

In gratitude,



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  1. Yippie! I meant to ask you about it when I saw you last night (jmu), but it slipped my mind. I am one of those that check email & a few other blogs each morning with my latte. Glad to see you both back 🙂

  2. Having oogled at your photos for what, a year now, I find myself looking for “that” moment I would photograph if I were such a one to do so. Thank you for reminding us to have eyes to see.

  3. Dear guys: Never ever think of leaving us without your spark and whisper and words and beauty that never fail to enliven my day! I would love to purchase a fabulous collage for $20 – let me know how and where to get my mitts on one. Signed of course (tee hee). Would also love to see JMU’s face – don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure! Please please keep doing whatcha do – I thoroughly enjoy each and every morsel. XOXOX Matty P.S. I have tried to comment in the past but was somehow blocked. Will let you know next time if I get hung up. XOXO

    • Thanks so much Matt. Bummer about the comments. Wish I had some sage advice other than keep trying.

      Your friends can subscribe by entering their email in the box on the upper-right hand of the blog. And you can “meet” me at http://www.jessuhlerphoto.com (new digs underway there, but you get the picture….see what I did there?)


  4. P.S. I have a couple of photographer friends who I’m sure would love to subscribe and receive these gems. How would they sign up? Most ever thankie! xoxo Unca MattyMan

  5. Hooray. Glad you’re back too. Time away is good for creativity. 🙂 Your momma musings give my comfort and community, and your photos warm my soul. Thank you.

  6. OH YOU GUYS are making us blush! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. This liturgy has become so important to us and we’re glad it touches you as well. It feels so good to get back into this rhythm. And as much as this is such a personal journey for us, we’re really glad to have you all along for the ride.


    jmu &smd

    ps- If you love our little corner of the interwebs, share us with friends who also have excellent taste. We’d love to be introduced.

  7. JMU- i don’t know you, but love seeing life through your words and photos. SMD- We miss you guys a ton and like I’ve said before half the time your words make me cry because I miss the wonderfulness of being there, the other half it makes me feels so close. I love seeing the email in my inbox!

    • Oh Rachael you are so sweet! We miss you guys all so much. Damn if I can’t get myself to call you at a time when I might actually catch you – tomorrow naptime??

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